Double Edge Rentals Will Keep The Cold Away!



Why You Should Rent A Heater from Double Edge Rentals

Our propane and diesel heaters are exactly what you need if you’re planning a winter job that would otherwise leave you and your crew turned into ice blocks. Here at Double Edge Rentals we have many choices that allow you to get the warmth you need for the price you want. Affordable, easy to use, and absolutely mandatory in our lovely climate, our heaters are designed with you in mind. Providing diesel, propane, and electric, there’s something for every situation.


Starting at a mere $25 a day, there’s no reason to pass one of these helpful heaters up. Whether you need a long term rental or a one day rental, we’ve got you covered. Your employees will thank you as well, as it’s much easier to get the job done when it’s not frigid. But there are added benefits to renting a heater. Did you know that some equipment can freeze when left out in the cold? This can be frustrating and make getting the job done quickly and efficiently much more difficult and more stressful than it’s worth. Instead, bring that equipment inside and keep it warm with one of our heater rentals.  Definitely worth it! Keep your equipment and workers warm and you’ll have yourself a much more productive day, regardless of the weather.


Not sure? Try one out for a day and see how much easier it makes your atmosphere. With affordable daily prices, there’s no reason to pass one of these guys up. Stay safe and stay warm. We’ve got you covered.