Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Bobcat Equipment Rentals

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Bobcat Equipment Rentals

Are you planning a big renovation project for a client? Do you need additional equipment such as Bobcat skid steers to finish the job much faster? Before you sign any agreements for equipment rentals, consider a few factors to ensure that you are getting the right machine for the project.

Bobcat Equipment


Your choices will all boil down to whether you need a multi-terrain loader or a skid steer for your project. Skid steers, as you may know, are best for cemented or hard terrain, whereas multi-terrain loaders are more suited to uneven, undeveloped grounds.

Equipment Weight

It is also important to know the weight of the equipment that you are planning to rent. On some sites, you may need to move your heavy equipment on makeshift pathways or bridges that have specific maximum allowable weights. Forcing your heavy equipment through these pathways may prove hazardous. The lightest Bobcat skid steer loader is the S70, which has an operating weight of 1268 kg, while the heaviest is the S650 whose operating weight is 3777 kg.

Tipping Load

This feature refers to the total weight the skid steer can handle before the rear wheels to buckle. Take note of the tipping load so you can estimate how many times you’ll have to go back and forth to finish the job. This piece of information can also come in handy depending on the type of materials that you have to lift. Big boulders will, of course, be harder to lift than ordinary soil, and may need equipment with higher tipping loads.


How much time do you have left until your target finish date? The fewer days you have, the more you should consider rentals with faster maximum speeds and higher tipping loads.


The equipment size is particularly important if you need to move machinery through narrow or low spaces. Remember that lighter machines are also most likely narrower or shorter, and are thus able to pass through tight spaces where bigger machines can’t.


You might need a few extra accessories to finish the job with greater ease and speed. If you need to haul rocks, for example, a grapple bucket may prove useful.

You can consult an expert, such as Double Edge Rentals in Lloydminster, Alberta, about which accessories and skid steers are perfect for your project. By considering your exact project needs in detail, you can work with greater efficiency, finish the project to your client’s complete satisfaction, and make the most out of Bobcat rentals.


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