Double Edge Rentals is pleased to provide pickup and delivery services regardless of your location

Service Rate
Shop Rate $115/hr
In-town Pickup & Delivery (Truck & Trailer) $135
In-town Pickup & Delivery (Truck) $95
Out of Town Fee +$1.50/KM
Large Equipment Delivery Cost +15%

1. Rentals

Items can be rented daily, weekly or monthly. ALL rentals are based on 10 hr/day, 5 days/week and 28 days/month. Overuse charges may apply. Rentals may require a deposit.

2. Pick Up and Deliveries

Specific costs for delivery and pickup will be quoted at time of rental.

3. Pricing

Fuel and GST are not included in rates.

4. Cutting Tools

Cutting tools will require a blade purchase.

5. Trenchers & Sweepers

Trenchers and sweepers will be prorated for wear.