Using a Trailer from an Equipment Rentals Company for ATV Transport

Using a Trailer from an Equipment Rentals Company for ATV Transport

The prairie areas along the breadth of the Alberta/Saskatchewan frontier present so many opportunities for nature-tripping and a little off-road action. Such outdoor activities will involve cruising around in ATVs. Getting these vehicles and your party to the location requires transporting them safely so they will be in peak condition upon arrival. A trailer will be central to that endeavour, and so is stowing them securely in the bed.

Using a Trailer from an Equipment Rentals

When you need to bring a batch of ATVs to a specific location but don’t have a trailer of your own, a provider of equipment rentals in Lloydminster, like Double Edge Rentals, will have the one for you.


Stability is critical in balancing the ATV trailer load during the trip. For this purpose, you have to consult your rentals provider on acquiring trailers with tandem or tridem axles. A check of such trailers on the catalog will also yield their maximum axle weight ratings. To this end, check for the total weight of your ATVs and associated support equipment; you may be in the clear if their combined weight is under the spec weight rating.


Your trailer must have a whole array of attachments for safety tie-downs. This is meant to help arrest swaying along the lateral and vertical axes during transport. Some trailers may have been designed with vehicles in mind, and would have tie-down links along the trailer bed itself. A trailer with a winch on one end may be worth a look to better facilitate on-loading.

In bringing over your ATV, consider draining the unit of all fluids if you are expected to travel long distances. The parking brake must be on as well. Test the tightness of all straps before you go, but stop along the way to tighten the links.


As ATVs are by themselves heavy, it serves no purpose to manhandle the unit on and off the trailer, hence a need for ramps. Your chosen trailer rental can have either a rearward ramp or side ramp. Some people may prefer, for instance, trailers with a side ramp to avoid having to back up the trailer during on-loading.

Off-road fun in an ATV is totally possible if you planned for all contingencies. A trailer rental company will be your source of equipment to transport your ATV quickly and safely.


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